Buying a Vaporizer For Windsurfing

When I’m out on the ocean finding a time or place to smoke weed can be a bit of a challenge. I’m personally a big fan of marijuana so I usually blaze every day before I go windsurfing. The problem is that at public beaches it’s insanely hard to find a spot that I can use marijuana without getting caught or seen by a family.

For this reason I decided to invest in a vaporizer. I was reading some marijuana vape reviews written by the company iMarijuanit and they recommended a bunch of different portables. At first I was a bit overwhelmed because I wasn’t sure which vaporizer would work best for me since I need something portable and also discreet for using in public. I decided to purchase a vaporizer called the Atmos 5G and I was very impressed with my purchase. I gotta hand it to the iMarijuanit company, as they made an excellent recommendation. I’m now in love with my new vaporizer.

Reasons I Love my New Portable Vaporizer

  1. It’s extremely portable which makes it great for using marijuana on the go. It fits in my pocket without being too big to walk around comfortably.
  2. The battery life is really long which means I can vaporize all day and still have enough charge at the end of the day for a session on the way home.
  3. This vaporizer is really discreet and looks like any normal e-cigarette, so I can use it in public and people just think I am using tobacco (sneaky, sneaky).
  4. It’s got a really nice design and overall is a really good looking vaporizer.
  5. The materials used to make this vape are clearly not cheap and this vaporizer feels like it’s made with really quality materials. It’s not some cheap vape that came from China which I’m a big fan of.

I personally couldn’t be more happy with my purchase and I will likely be buying more vaporizers in the future. I never realized how high vapes could get you, and it’s a way more enjoyable high compared to smoking. I’m a die hard vape fan and will never go back to my old ways of using weed.

Things I Don’t Like

I think the price could of been a bit cheaper but it’s clearly a quality product so I’m not super concerned. I see it as an investment in my health which is very important to me. So overall I’m not disappointed at all with the purchase.

The Next Vape I’m Buying

I’m going to invest in a desktop vaporizer next. After reading some reviews, I think I’m going to pull the trigger on the Volcano Vaporizer. It’s the most expensive desktop vaporizer on the market but I think it’s a worth while investment. It’s supposed to deliver some of the best vapor quality on the market in comparison to other desktop vaporizers.

I’ll need to wait until my next paycheck to pull the trigger, but once I get paid next Friday I will be making the purchase. I will be sure to keep you guys updated on whether it was worth it, incase any of you are looking to buy the Volcano or a desktop for yourself.

Be sure to stay updated on my content, and check my blog weekly for new articles. I’m going to be writing more content in the future because I’ve been getting so many requests from you guys to start writing articles on a weekly basis.

For my loyal fans, I just wanted to say thank you for supporting me over the years. You are the reason I write. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.